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Pain is dangerous.

People should understand that pain is dangerous. Sometimes it isn’t I don’t want to move today. It is I don’t want to live today.

Physical pain, by itself, is a suicide risk. Living with it constantly, with no end date will be the hardest damn battle of your life. It is a battle hidden behind smiles and ‘I’m fine’s’ and ‘I’ll push through the pain’. It is a silent battle and a silent scream. No one will give you an award for it. No one will notice it. People will doubt your pain. People will accuse you of being lazy of having no time for them. Of making excuses to get out of things. You will fight, and fight, and fight and that is what you will get for it. You can expect mediocre medical treatment or no medical treatment. People will expect, though, that you are addicted to pain killers or drug seeking. Expect that. Fight the good fight. Inches of life. Fit in life where you can. Do not listen to people. People know nothing about this existence you find yourself in. Find joy where you can. Live in the pain gaps.

And understand… pain is dangerous. Do everything you can to maintain your mood. Do everything you know that helps maintain your pain. Do whatever you can that works for you. If it works for you, do it.

Top 3 reactions when telling others about your illness




1) The Buzzkill


2) The Good Intention


3) The Boundary Hopper


I’d like to add…

4) The “I have no idea what that is but I’m going to pretend I do”-er


5) The Philosopher (also know as the Inspirational Speechmaker)

Yoda – Do or Do Not

6) The Disbeliever


7) The Bailer


8) The Awkwardly Smooth

And finally…

9) The Best Friend


This post… is just amazing.

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